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Agriculture and Rural Development

Present and Prospects in Romania, Agriculture & European Structural Funds.

During 2021-2027, Romania will receive European funds of over 20 billion euros for Agriculture and Rural Development, has as priority :

  • the development, the establishment and the modernization of agricultural units;
  • the increase of the added value of the agricultural and forest products;
  • the renewal, the development of the villages, the improvement of basic services for the economy and the rural population and for the patrimony valorization.

Our Company and the Agriculture in Romania:

Romania has about 10 million hectares of farmland, of which less than 35% belong to investors, the rest is still owned by farmers. Of the total area of arable land, about one million hectares is state owned, leased to investors. So there's still plenty of room in the market for agricultural land, only that, being very split, the buying process is very slow. So there's still plenty of room in the market for agricultural land, only that, being very split the purchase process is very slow.

  • we follow directly the Romanian Plain, region with centuries-old tradition in the agriculture, with a very fertile soil, irrigation networks, access to a complex infrastructure of roads, railways and Danube ports;
  • advising and planning for accessing European funds;
  • assistance and services through our agricultural partner companies.

The Agriculture in coverage areas :

  • Galati : 65% cereals (20% wheat), 20% sunflower, 6% vineyard and vegetables
  • Braila : 65% cereals (20% wheat), 25% sunflower, 3% vegetables
  • Buzau : 70% cereals (21% wheat), 20% sunflower, 3% vegetables, 1,7% fruits
  • Tulcea : 60% cereals (25% wheat), 23% sunflower, 4% vineyard, 1% fruits
  • Ialomita : 60% cereals (31% wheat), 22% sunflower, 3% vegetables
  • Constanta : 60% cereals (31% wheat), 24% sunflower, 3% vineyard, 1% fruits
  • Vrancea : 50% cereals (11% wheat), 8% sunflower, 11% vineyard, 2% fruits

For Rural Development projects in Romania, in addition to assistance with funding, we can provide our technical advisors following projects in sewage systems, street lighting, water treatment, etc.

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