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Information Technology Consulting

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Information Technology Consulting

Solutions for Improving the Business, System Selection, Web / Mobile Software Development & Web Promotion in Romania.

The IT must help to improve the business and Smart-Project Romania helps companies to do so.
The Information system must be designed in line with the organizational model company, only in this light it is a success factor for the enterprise and for this reason we consider the IT having a strategic importance in the broader context of the our client's business. Our experts provide an objective and independent perspective to allow organizations to realize the full potential of their IT resources, investment and financial availability.

Starting from the definition of Information and Communications Technology, in acronym ICT, the set of methods and technologies that realize the systems of transmission, reception and processing of information, Smart-Project Romania with its ten years’ experience in this industry, supports companies in the following areas:

  • Processes Functional Analysis
  • Cost management and infrastructure optimization
  • Software / System Selection
  • Integration strategy, incisiveness and efficiency in IT transition processes
  • Knowledge Management and Personnel Management
  • Website Promotion and Email Marketing

Our basic concepts for IT systems, are:

  • REAL TIME: information availability in real time in order to allow people to act promptly
  • MOBILITY: easy access to information both inside and outside the company
  • USABILITY: user friendly systems to facilitate the gathering and access to information, decreasing mistakes.

Therefore, the total sum of our knowledge is grouped into personalized interventions, according to the cultural and organizational models already existing in the company and the need for change. The pattern of intervention has aimed to maintain the link between the strategic intent and operational reality.

In addition, through a specialized romanian partner company, we can offer customers rapid solutions for:

  • Software Development(C#, VB.Net e Java), Web Applications (ASP.NET) and Database
  • Custom application Development, web and mobile;
  • Outsourcing Remote Desktop Management, Monitoring Systems, Help-desk ;
  • Data Entry, Management practices, Archives, Storage documentary;

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