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Solutions for Improving the Business, System Selection, Web / Mobile Software Development & Web Promotion in Romania.

The IT must help to improve the business and Smart-Project Romania helps companies to do so.
The Information system must be designed in line with the organizational model company, only in this light it is a success factor for the enterprise and for this reason we consider the IT having a strategic importance in the broader context of the our client's business. Our experts provide an objective and independent perspective to allow organizations to realize the full potential of their IT resources, investment and financial availability.

Starting from the definition of Information and Communications Technology, in acronym ICT, the set of methods and technologies that realize the systems of transmission, reception and processing of information, Smart-Project Romania with its ten years’ experience in this industry, supports companies in the following areas:

  • Processes Functional Analysis
  • Cost management and infrastructure optimization
  • Software / System Selection
  • Integration strategy, incisiveness and efficiency in IT transition processes
  • Knowledge Management and Personnel Management
  • Website Promotion and Email Marketing

Our basic concepts for IT systems, are:

  • REAL TIME: information availability in real time in order to allow people to act promptly
  • MOBILITY: easy access to information both inside and outside the company
  • USABILITY: user friendly systems to facilitate the gathering and access to information, decreasing mistakes.

Therefore, the total sum of our knowledge is grouped into personalized interventions, according to the cultural and organizational models already existing in the company and the need for change. The pattern of intervention has aimed to maintain the link between the strategic intent and operational reality.

In addition, through a specialized romanian partner company, we can offer customers rapid solutions for:

  • Software Development(C#, VB.Net e Java), Web Applications (ASP.NET) and Database
  • Custom application Development, web and mobile;
  • Outsourcing Remote Desktop Management, Monitoring Systems, Help-desk ;
  • Data Entry, Management practices, Archives, Storage documentary;

Company, Farms, Warehouses, Lands and Real-estate Projects in Romania.

Agricultural Company for sale in Romania:
  •  Farm Suceava 35 km from Suceava and 90 km from Iasi, the farm surface 15 ha, price 2.200.000€
    - 16 stables, grain deposits, a milking room, mechanic workshop, 6 barns, a potato deposit (2000 tons capacity), an office building;
    - the surface of the land for rent is 200 ha; renting price is 80 euro/ha /year;
    - 300 animals (carrying identity cards), of which 150 milking cows, milk quantity 2.000-2.500 l/day;
    - 6 tractors, vola, press bales, thresher, grinding corn, truck scales.
  • Farm Bacau 60 km from Bacau Airport, 60 km from Tecuci, surface 4.5 ha, price 500.000€:
    - 4 large stables, barns, different types of outbuildings, rooms for employees;
    - 60 ha of flat and optimum quality agricultural land;
    - all utilities included: water, gas, electricity.
  • Farm Timis 45 km from Caransebes &Timisoara, E70 European Road, surface 4,5ha, 800.000€
    - 6 stables, offices and outbuildings;
    - all utilities included: water, gas, electricity;
    - it’s situated at 20 km from Herculane town, famous for it’s thermal water.
  • Farm Braila 20 km from Ianca (Braila), farm surface 1,5 ha, price 1.400.000€
    - offices and outbuildings;
    - the land surface in property 200 ha and 400 ha rented;
    - underground irrigation systems, water supply and drainage channels;
    - obtained crops : grain 5-7 t/ha, corn 12-17 t/ha, sunflower 3-5 t/ha.
Agricultural lands for sale in Romania:
  • Galati county, 20km of the Galati city, 120 hectares, 3.900 €/hectare
    The land is slightly hilly, 100% compaction, high quality of soil.
  • Tulcea county, 40km of the Braila city, 376 hectares, 3.800/hectare
    The land is flat, irrigable, first and second soil quality
  • Timis county, 70km of the Tisoara city, 320 hectares, 3.800 €/hectare
    The land is slightly hilly, second soil quality.
Farm in the woodworking field in Romania:
  • Agricultural lands Comarnic (Prahova), 80km from the Bucharest Airport, price 650.000 €
    - 16.000 sqm of which 6.000 covered (sheds, depositing area, spaces for offices, services, apartment for the guardians);
    well equipped farm, with machines and production systems imported from Italy;
    - production of: half-finished materials for fixtures, doors, parquet, furniture, prefabricated materials, building panels and everything which is generally considered half-finished , finished products rusticated in solid, pavement for indoors and outdoors, prefabricated materials, furniture, painted profiles, etc.
Houses and apartments for sale in Romania:
  • Braila city, a historical building in the center, about 800sqm +80sqm land, € 475.000
    formed by ground floor, first floor and loft, for renovation;
  • Galati city, apartment near the center, about 55sqm, 54.000 €
    2 rooms and kitchen, a stone's throw from the Danube in 4-storey building.
  • Braila city, apartment in the center, about 65sqm, 62.000 €.
    2 rooms and kitchen, in 4-storey building, good condition.
Real-estate projects for sale in Romania:
  • Mamaia (Constanta) residential project P+8 approved, 15.120 sqm, 6.500.000 €
    - 5.000 sqm building land, 1.680 building sqm (4 mansions of 8 flats each), commercial area at the ground floor and underground parking (230 places);
    - apartments from 40 to 150 sqm, from singles to duplex or penthouse;
    - total costs around 17.000.000 €, net profit around 10.000.000 €.
  • Bucharest (District 6) residential project of 84 apartments, 6.240 sqm, 2.000.000 €
    - 4.000 sqm building land, 4 buildings x 1.560 sqm commercial, commercial area on the ground floor;
    - first building finalized and with commercial spaces and apartments partially reserved;
    - revenue from sales of only the first building estimated at around 1,000,000 €.
Residential, commercial and industrial lands in Romania:
  • Braila county, 2km of the Galati city, 20.000 sqm of building land, 20 €/sqm
    The land is located in the metropolitan area Galati-Braila, in the vicinity of residential district "Dimitrie Cantemir", all services.
  • Galati city, near the center - a residential area, 10,300 sqm, 175 €/sqm
    The land is near the university campus, direct opening to the main street, build to 50% and up to 11 levels, from upper floors overlooking the lake and river Danube.
  • Galati city, residential area, 3.000 sqm of building land parceled, 25 €/sqm
    The land is located 3km from the city, has all the services, different types of purchase.
  • Constanta county, location Lumina , 20.000 sqm of industrial land, 20 €/sqm
    The land is located 18km from the port of Constanta and 5km of Navodari, direct openings to 2 roads, has all the services, different types of purchase.
  • Constanta county, Harsova, 17.000 sqm of industrial land, 9 €/sqm
    Danube ports (at 1km) and sea ports(at 70km), 300m until Danube river and 500m up to main road Bucharest-Constanta, 55km from international airport.
  • Ilfov county, Balotesti, 15.000 sqm of building land with 50m direct opening to DN1 road,  70 €/sqm
    22km until Bucharest city and 5km from international airport Otopeni, has all the services, different types of purchase.

Company Administration, Project, Investment and Cost Management, Transactions and Property Transfers in Romania.

 The project management is defined as a set of activities, such as the application of knowledge, skills, techniques and tools, intended to achive the objectives of a project that aims to create products and / or services and / or specific outcomes that involve benefits or added value to the customer.

In this activity, the main challenges of Smart-Project Romania are:

  • achieving the project objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints. Typical constraints are scope / quality, time and budget;
  • optimizing the provision of resources and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

As for real estate and investment projects, our project management services are designed to help you navigate the physical and financial elements of a property transfer or transaction by allocating the required resources, coordinating the different parties involved and managing the risks. This means you can be in control and get the best out of the specialists in your project team, allowing them to concentrate on their individual areas of expertise to help accomplish your objectives.

In addition, the Smart Project Romania service is characterized by the development of coherent strategies in order to identify attractive investment opportunities, based on complete analysis of all data and trends on the real estate market.

The Added value and the benefits of our approach in Romania :

  • Lower project /investment costs
    Our clients achieve average savings to 10% of total project cost through integration of the project team, the smart management of budget, the value of engineering, planning and other advisory.
    Our specialists in transactions can realize significant savings by negotiating terms with the parties involved, identifying building deficiencies and securing improvement concessions, and applying proprietary standards for design and construction.
  • Realistic timeframes
    Our experience allows you to estimate the time required for a project and advises you on a sensible project schedule(allowing a ‘float' for unexpected delays) to avoid over-runs.

Cut the Costs and Maximizing the Results with Outsourcing to Romania.

 In a recent article published in Investors Business Daily, it was revealed that outsourcing has become more than just an easy way to cut costs. It has become a strategic tool that gives businesses flexibility and access to skilled personnel.

Hiring a full-time IT technician is costly and not an efficient use of resources. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core businesses while gaining access to skilled labor when they need it.

Some benefits of Outsourcing :

  • it is a way to boost revenue ;
  • it is a way to cut costs, it eases labor shortages ;
  • it is a way to cut payroll costs;
  • it allows companies to focus on core competencies;
  • it reduces or eliminates some capital expenses;
  • it shares, reduces risks.

If companies have expensive employees or departments , ineffective, or difficult to manage, that group can be outsourced and, in this case, the Smart Project Romania is the good alternative in this area.

 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing to Romania :

  • Technical Expertise - the technical personnel is highly competent and experienced;
  • Universities and IT hubs - top high-schools that focus on mathematics and computer science;
  • Culture - values and lifestyle have many similarities with the Western European cultures ;
  • Communication - staff speak English fluently, many Romanian also speak German, French and Italian;
  • Long-Term Relationships - companies usually value stability and long-term relationships;
  • Easy Access - Romania is easy to reach within a 1-2 hour flight from London or Rome;
  • Rates - competitive costs of the workforce;
  • Compatible Time-Zones - the country’s time zone is compatible with those of European countries (max. 2h difference).


Accountant and Tax Advisor in Romania. Services of Accounting, Payroll, International Taxation and Facilited Finance.

In an increasingly globalized economy, characterized by continuous changes in economic dynamics and a constant increase of the importance of international relations, the corporate entities as well as individuals have to deal with complex tax issues.Therefore it is indispensable the assistance of accountants and professionals with a vastamount of experience, who have in-depth knowledge of the national and international realities.
Our specialists, chartered accountants, tax advisors and labor consultants offer the broadest range of advice and services, supporting the customer with personalized advice on tax, management and commercial matters, using specific skills of over ten years' experience in the field.
Smart-Project Romania is able to intervene in any situation, providing accounting and tax services in Romania, advising and assisting the best according to the different needs with particular attention when planning the winning tax strategies:

  • Accounting and payroll, primary accounting, financial and management accounting
  • International tax advice for individuals and legal entities
  • Statutory audit and accounting control
  • Reorganization of corporations and partnerships
  • Use of treaties against the double taxation
  • Use of structures domiciled in high tax areas
  • Compliance with anti-abuse and anti-avoidance rules

Smart-Project Romania is a serious and reliable partner for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to better manage their time and resources, maximizing profits and reducing costs.The value of our advice is also based on the ability to analyze and develop dynamic data, assessing in depth case by case and providing the most appropriate solution in each specific situation.

The accountant profession is constantly evolving. New deadlines, changes, extensions in economic, fiscal and labor matters are daily occurrences and threaten to burden the normal activity of a company. For this reason, Smart-Project Romania offers solutions to get everything under control and save time to focus on value-added activities.

Through our financial and tax advice in Romania, you can:

  • Identify and adopt measures to reduce costs
  • Increase profitability and reduce the fiscal impact
  • Create value for shareholders
  • Manage financial events and economic critics
  • Develop financial reports in order to obtain credits
  • Facilitated Financing, identify resource funding
  • Develop of Business Plans for the European Structural Funds

Set Up Company, Open or Relocate a Business in Romania,
Corporate Legal Advice, Intellectual Property and Patents

If you want to start a business, open a company or relocate a business in Romania, you can set up companies such as: General Partnerships Company (SCN), Limited Partnerships Company (SCS), Partnerships Limited by Shares Company (SCA), Joint-Stock Company (SA) and Limited Liability Company (SRL).
The SA company formation require a minimum capital of 90,000 LEI, for SCA a capital of 50,000 LEI, while minimum capital are not required for SRL, SNC and SCS.
The SRL company formation has the most succes not only for its legal features but also for the possibility of only one shareholder, share capital without limits, the option of operating in VAT-exempt up to 88,500 € / year, a fast and economical procedure.
In addition to the activities of company formation, open or relocate companies, Smart-Project Romania has developed a specific expertise in mergers and acquisitions of businesses via stock or asset transactions.

Some of the most common corporate advice:

  • Open branches or permanent establishments, open local units or representative offices;
  • Cession (sale) of shares company;
  • Increases / reductions of the share capital;
  • Changes of company name, registered head office or administrators;
  • Civil and Commercial Contracts.

Our company provides legal advice in law matters of corporate, commercial and intellectual property for Romanian and foreign companies at any stage of their formation and development. In this sense, we also fallow the necessary procedures for the registration and protection of the Trademark, Patent, Model or Copyrights, activity conducted especially in the IT sector where we are able to offer assistance and specialized legal advice.
Having as objective the efficiency and reliability, our legal experts and associated lawyers deal with the problems and find the proper solutions by taking into consideration all other related aspects, such as accounting and taxes.
For completeness, we can obtain real-time information about the company and properties from Romania.

Company surveys or informations in Romania:

  • Data, name, address identification;
  • Social capital and its nature;
  • Company objects;
  • Associates, administrator, liquidator, censors;
  • Branch offices, subsidiaries, other secondary quarters.

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