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Advantages of Investing in Romania. Relocate or Start a New Business.

The strategic geographical position, the ports on the Black Sea and the Danube, the great economic potential and tourism, made Romania a destination preferred by entrepreneurs for their business.

The advantage of investing in Romania is not only related to the relocation of production, strong point of the massive presence in the country of foreign investors in "historical" sectors such as manufacturing, clothing, footwear, transport and agriculture, but also the excellent prospects for those working in areas such as environment, energy, commerce, services and tourism, infrastructure and finance.

From January 2004 until December 2018, compared to January 2007 - Romania's accession to the European Union, the sectors with the highest growth where the foreign direct investment (FDI) were channeled towards were:

  • Banking and Insurance: +700% up to 2007, +1900% up to 2018;
  • Construction and Real Estate Transactions: + 250% up to 2007, +1800% up to 2018;
  • Commerce (wholesale and detail): + 380% up to 2007 + 1200% up to 2018;
  • Industry: +220% up to 2007, + 800% up to 2018;
  • Energy and Water: +200% up to 2007, + 900% up to 2018;
  • Information and Telecommunications: +200% up to 2007, + 900% up to 2018;
  • Transport: + 260% up to 2007, +700% up to 2018;
  • Hotels and Restaurant: + 100% up to 2007, +500% up to 2018.

Infrastructure :
Romania has a relatively good road network, even though much of the 2nd-lane highway and 981km of 1.144km are to be ready by 2023; better rail system, through which the most part of the traffic of goods is made. Inland waterways are widely used for trade and transport. The main ports are those of Constanta at the Black Sea, Galati, Braila, at the lower Danube; Giurgiu, from which there are several pipelines towards the oil fields of Ploiesti, is an important river port. Aerial communications, provided by companies such as Tarom, WizzAir, RyanAir and BlueAir are also expanding. The major airports in the country are Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara, Cluj, Oradea, Bacau, Sibiu, Iasi, Brasov and Tulcea.

Why invest in Romania:

  • 16% tax on profits (1% on income for micro-enterprises), from 8% tax on dividends, 0% on reinvested profits ;
  • VAT rate: normal 19%, reduced : 9% and 5%;
  • Net medium salary 700 €/month (total for company 1.190€/month);
  • Low inflation rate (2017 +3,3%, 2018 +3,2%, 2019 +3,8%, 2020 +2,2%) and currency influenced by the Euro ;
  • Over the past years economic growth was among the highest ones in Europe (2017 +6,9%, 2018 +4,1%, 2019 + 4,2%, 2020 - 5,2%, )
  • It's the second biggest market in Central and Eastern Europe, after Poland;
  • European funding grant and incentives for entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • It’s a country where the right of ownership and investment protection is absolutely guaranteed by law;
  • There is a support banking system. The big banks have also followed the investors, mostly attracted by the possibility of business: Groupe Societe Generale, Unicredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, HVB Bank, ING Bank, San Paolo-IMI, Etc.
  • Compared to China, India and other countries that have a more favorable labor cost, Romania is preferable because it is protected from possible threats and customs duties, international tensions, technical difficulties (language-culture-law and different customs) ;
  • Raw materials and energy have a low cost;
  • No restrictions on export of capital;
  • 50% the people living in cities speak English or Italian.

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