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Agricultural Company for sale in Romania:
  •  Farm Suceava 35 km from Suceava and 90 km from Iasi, the farm surface 15 ha, price 2.200.000€
    - 16 stables, grain deposits, a milking room, mechanic workshop, 6 barns, a potato deposit (2000 tons capacity), an office building;
    - the surface of the land for rent is 200 ha; renting price is 80 euro/ha /year;
    - 300 animals (carrying identity cards), of which 150 milking cows, milk quantity 2.000-2.500 l/day;
    - 6 tractors, vola, press bales, thresher, grinding corn, truck scales.
  • Farm Bacau 60 km from Bacau Airport, 60 km from Tecuci, surface 4.5 ha, price 500.000€:
    - 4 large stables, barns, different types of outbuildings, rooms for employees;
    - 60 ha of flat and optimum quality agricultural land;
    - all utilities included: water, gas, electricity.
  • Farm Timis 45 km from Caransebes &Timisoara, E70 European Road, surface 4,5ha, 800.000€
    - 6 stables, offices and outbuildings;
    - all utilities included: water, gas, electricity;
    - it’s situated at 20 km from Herculane town, famous for it’s thermal water.
  • Farm Braila 20 km from Ianca (Braila), farm surface 1,5 ha, price 1.400.000€
    - offices and outbuildings;
    - the land surface in property 200 ha and 400 ha rented;
    - underground irrigation systems, water supply and drainage channels;
    - obtained crops : grain 5-7 t/ha, corn 12-17 t/ha, sunflower 3-5 t/ha.
Agricultural lands for sale in Romania:
  • Galati county, 20km of the Galati city, 120 hectares, 3.900 €/hectare
    The land is slightly hilly, 100% compaction, high quality of soil.
  • Tulcea county, 40km of the Braila city, 376 hectares, 3.800/hectare
    The land is flat, irrigable, first and second soil quality
  • Timis county, 70km of the Tisoara city, 320 hectares, 3.800 €/hectare
    The land is slightly hilly, second soil quality.
Farm in the woodworking field in Romania:
  • Agricultural lands Comarnic (Prahova), 80km from the Bucharest Airport, price 650.000 €
    - 16.000 sqm of which 6.000 covered (sheds, depositing area, spaces for offices, services, apartment for the guardians);
    well equipped farm, with machines and production systems imported from Italy;
    - production of: half-finished materials for fixtures, doors, parquet, furniture, prefabricated materials, building panels and everything which is generally considered half-finished , finished products rusticated in solid, pavement for indoors and outdoors, prefabricated materials, furniture, painted profiles, etc.
Houses and apartments for sale in Romania:
  • Braila city, a historical building in the center, about 800sqm +80sqm land, € 475.000
    formed by ground floor, first floor and loft, for renovation;
  • Galati city, apartment near the center, about 55sqm, 54.000 €
    2 rooms and kitchen, a stone's throw from the Danube in 4-storey building.
  • Braila city, apartment in the center, about 65sqm, 62.000 €.
    2 rooms and kitchen, in 4-storey building, good condition.
  • Iasi city, apartment near the university area, about 55sqm, 50.000 €
    2 rooms and kitchen, a stone's throw from the Danube in 6-storey building.
Real-estate projects for sale in Romania:
  • Mamaia (Constanta) residential project P+8 approved, 15.120 sqm, 6.500.000 €
    - 5.000 sqm building land, 1.680 building sqm (4 mansions of 8 flats each), commercial area at the ground floor and underground parking (230 places);
    - apartments from 40 to 150 sqm, from singles to duplex or penthouse;
    - total costs around 17.000.000 €, net profit around 10.000.000 €.
  • Bucharest (District 6) residential project of 84 apartments, 6.240 sqm, 2.000.000 €
    - 4.000 sqm building land, 4 buildings x 1.560 sqm commercial, commercial area on the ground floor;
    - first building finalized and with commercial spaces and apartments partially reserved;
    - revenue from sales of only the first building estimated at around 1,000,000 €.
Residential, commercial and industrial lands in Romania:
  • Braila county, 2km of the Galati city, 20.000 sqm of building land, 20 €/sqm
    The land is located in the metropolitan area Galati-Braila, in the vicinity of residential district "Dimitrie Cantemir", all services.
  • Galati city, near the center - a residential area, 10,300 sqm, 175 €/sqm
    The land is near the university campus, direct opening to the main street, build to 50% and up to 11 levels, from upper floors overlooking the lake and river Danube.
  • Galati city, residential area, 3.000 sqm of building land parceled, 25 €/sqm
    The land is located 3km from the city, has all the services, different types of purchase.
  • Constanta county, location Lumina , 20.000 sqm of industrial land, 20 €/sqm
    The land is located 18km from the port of Constanta and 5km of Navodari, direct openings to 2 roads, has all the services, different types of purchase.
  • Constanta county, Harsova, 17.000 sqm of industrial land, 9 €/sqm
    Danube ports (at 1km) and sea ports(at 70km), 300m until Danube river and 500m up to main road Bucharest-Constanta, 55km from international airport.
  • Ilfov county, Balotesti, 15.000 sqm of building land with 50m direct opening to DN1 road,  70 €/sqm
    22km until Bucharest city and 5km from international airport Otopeni, has all the services, different types of purchase.


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